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Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads (born December 22, 1974 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA) is a pornographic actress and model of Italian, French Canadian and North American Indian descent. Ever since she was a teenager she always started looking after her body. She was known to be the “Queen” in school and had a mind blowing sex appeal. It wasn’t too long until Rocki had put a full time commitment towards fitness. With hours of work put into her weeks, she has sculpted her body to be one of the top 50 sexiest women in history. Before her career in porn Rocki worked at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant in Connecticut. She moved to Canada and began working as an exotic dancer. She made the move into the adult film industry soon after.

She was most active in the porn industry from 1996 to 1999 and was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for September 1997.

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads AKA Rocki Road, Rocky Roads is a mixture of Italian, French Canadian, North American Indian…A hybrid combination to make anyone get excited over. This dark-haired beauty with a striking resemblance to Italian actress (Rocki Roads) Fabiana Udenio (the “Austin Powers” spy spoofs) was working in a hamburger joint one day when she just decided she had had enough. She walked out the front door of the burger joint and into the front door of a strip club nearby, where she initially got a job waitressing. She made the decision to move to Canada and into a full-time career as an exotic dancer, and it wasn’t long before her success in that field resulted in offers from porn producers. A shrewd businesswoman in addition to being a top performer, she was a pioneer in the industry at taking advantage of the new adult DVD and virtual reality technologies, starting her own ultimately tremendously successful company.

Rocki Roads: Motivation

Rocki Roads loves modeling, she is a very open type of woman and she loves being put infront of a camera. She believes she has the potential to do anything she puts her mind to.

First, what motivates a person to become a leader? Well, you must have the drive to lead others, of course. This could mean that you want to serve the common man. Or on the opposite side of the room, you just want the power, leadership gives individuals who become leaders. You must look into your heart and determine exactly why you want to lead people. The answers vary from person to person since each person has a unique personality and circumstances.
But just because you drive does not automatically lead to the leader. When you go through your daily life, you are in damage to such factors as their controls. Critics may try to tear down or damage the work. You may find that the process has become a market leader that takes too long and not have the patience to wait. If you become a leader, you must learn to delegate some responsibilities to your subordinates – some people have a problem with this thought, which is a leader means doing everything yourself. Or maybe you will find that you belong to an organization has a policy that prevents the novice leader. The list goes on and on.

Rocki Roads Talks About Beauty

It ‘been a better time. We hydrated, resting on a spell, then highlight, then foundation, then powder, then blush, then eyeliner, then eyeshadow, then forehead, then mascara, then gently apply Lip Liner and fill lips with a brush. .. and the hair is not even ready yet!

Later, it was found that the trick to stay beautiful all day was to stay simple makeup and hair, light, and requires as little complicated as possible major repairs. The biggest problem for women in the armed forces is that the hat was out at every entrance to a building and come back as the door closed. This wreaks havoc on hair, and he hated women who have had the perfect hair which can only be folded, no matter how jet blast we were all standing
A little foundation, even skin color, maybe a little ‘dust control shine enough.

Twelve step in the process highlighted under the eyes and all this would not be necessary for a healthy young woman, unless the passport photo taken that day. Get a good rest and drink plenty of water helps this and many other skin problems.

As we age, it can be in the eye needs concealer, spots may be coming, but rings are much improved years ago and do more than they do behave as a primer paint building to erase everything that is good and fair skin.
A little blush, lipstick, pencil and shade, and that’s it. The less we have to do tomorrow, we have less to repair. These days, no makeup look is everywhere, and the skin has never been better. But it is never “no makeup” it just seems that way.

Hair style is the wrong kind of hair is never going to be easy to maintain and repair throughout the day. If your hair is not good, “up” can survive in an evening ceremony, but not the style of a long day. If your hair goes flat after a couple of hours ago I know a hairdresser cuts and more durable design options will be worth it. The trick is to find a style that is the correct type, degree and length of hair and is decorated in a way that does not fall apart after a couple of hours. It ‘s amazing products are now offering incredible flexibility for long-distance style. But the important thing is what will make your hair restyling of the sessions during the day is just nuts.

The general rule? If it must be worn for more than four hours should be easy, simple and easy to repair in about a minute. This leaves twelve-step application of makeup for special events and romantic evenings.